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Aerobic Class - True Fitness

Looking for aerobic class? True Fitness is one of the popular gym centres in Singapore. They have many outlets located around Singapore. The centre maintains a high level of standard by using only the state-of-art equipments together with the well furnished facilities.

All the exclusive members are welcome to attend the exciting aerobic class which includes:

1) Group X: They have intensity group exercise programmes such as step aerobic exercise that is suitable for people looking for a challenging workout. The aerobic exercise enables them to push their own fitness to the limit. You can also try the BODYCOMBAT – a high level of knockout workout that incorporated with other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Karate, etc.

2) Spinning: Learn the correct techniques of cycling and get yourself a solid foundation in biking. Some of the classes also come with great Mambo-Jumbo music with aerobic exercise, that will definitely make the aerobic class fun and challenging.

3) Yoga: Practice the correct breathing technique and postures through their Yoga classes. The practical aerobic class will combine the traditional postures, breathing, and physical awareness programmes to bring out the mental self-awareness in you, and maintain your physical fitness at the tip-top conditions.

Contact one of the outlet’s specialists to know more about their aerobic programmes Today! All the classes are suitable for both the man and women’s fitness – also get to know their weight loss exercise and low fat foods recommendations if interested.

True Fitness, 3.1 out of 5 based on 34 ratings
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30 Raffles Place, #07-00, Chevron House, Singapore 048622



Branches: (by Zone Area)
| Chinatown | City Hall | Marine Parade | Pasir Ris | River Valley | Telok Blangah |

Aerobic Class :
True Fitness

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8 Comments so far

  1. Anne on September 10th, 2012

    Dirty. Lockers are dirty (I never saw anyone cleaning it…), hairs everywhere on the floor of GX room (yuck!), very old towels. Used mats, very old equipment to do Body Pump.
    I will most probably ask for my money back, and have only been there 3 times!


  2. HealthyWannabe on August 24th, 2012

    The TrueFitness Gym is one of the worst chain of gyms in Singapore , let me provide you the low down.

    The worst outlets are Chevron, Suntec and Great World City branches where the service staffs are very rude. There is a lady at the Chevron house where she is constantly in a snappy mood towards anyone with a query.

    The sales consultants at Suntec are constantly hoarding your membership card before you leave the gym to offer you their latest promotions.

    The Great world city staff are non existent, they are also constantly in a bad mood and they are super unfriendly .

    Toilet facilities – these three outlets has the most patrons and of course for the price you pay per month, you feel like you are going to cathc some disease one day. Go checkout the floors and walls and shower room.

    The equipment in the gym are the latest models but often you find them breaking down after a few months and especially the treadmill, they are always sweat stains on the machines and personal trainers lying all their stuff around everywhere.

    The pesonal trainers – no offence but how can i be motivated to train with these guys when they are mosre interested in their own physique?

    Everytime, they never fail to amaze me where they have such an easy job of letting the client run on the treadmill to watch some tv and they come back to check how they are, and followed by a lot of stretching when the clients don’t even break a sweat… serously, for almost 90 a session with these trainers, there are many options out there to spend the money to get the body you want.

    Sure, they are opening outlets everywhere on this island but for a period of 2 years locked in, there are better gyms like Pure / Fitness First, Evolve, coachjon/ MMA, teamfitness guru outthere that can do a much better job for your money.


  3. Gymfanatic on August 23rd, 2012

    Worst gym with terrible facilities and staff ever. Maybe they move from cali to true .


  4. Gymfanatic on August 23rd, 2012

    True fitness is the worst gym in singapore. For membership at about 70 a month, the gym try to cut cost by using worst quality toilet paper, tissues, paper towels. They cut the coffee, use poor quality towels, rude service staff, sunks that are choked, floor n walls are slimey etc. if you think of signing up, better tryout before you commit. There are more gyms in the market now , don’t be fooled by the sales consultants.


  5. G on June 3rd, 2011

    The toilets are very dirty! The lockers are all damaged and without repair. The trainers took the better lockers. Frankly I am tired of all these! The clientele do not look as fit as those from Cali. I gonna use other gym after my membership expires!


  6. Patricia on February 11th, 2011

    Not only is True Fitness gettig crowded but the facilities are getting old and poorly maintained. The profile of clientiele is also getting worse.


  7. kim Lim on July 18th, 2009

    I find that True Fitness center is getting crowed nowadays. Actually, I prefer some less crowdy place. Btw, just to let you all know: Planet Fitness is True Fitness.


    Lisa Reply:

    I believe True Fitness is Way way better than other gym esp cali. Cali staff are so rude and they are only nice when they want you to buy e membership but aft dat, they dun care for u AT ALL


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