Absolute Fitness

Kick Boxing Classes - Absolute Fitness

Even though of finding a more personal kick boxing classes, yoga lessons, Pilates classes, etc? Absolute Fitness can customize to your needs!...
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Fitness Space

Gyms Around - Fitness Space

If you are looking for convenient and more private gyms around Singapore, you should try Fitness Space. The company is located at the central location in Tanjong Pagar area....
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Physique 360

Personal Training Singapore - Physique 360

Personal training Singapore at Physique 360 is different from other gym centres. They offer personal training like trim & fit class that helps you to maintain at the tip top healthy lifestyle....
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Fitness Network

Total Workout Gym - Fitness Network

Fitness Network is an ideal total workout gym centre for anyone who wants to keep fit. They are located in Ayer Rajah with a total size of 11,323 sqm....
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Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

Sports Gyms - Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

One of the sports gyms in Singapore is located in Dhoby Ghaut area - Evolve. They are one of the popular & top fitness gyms in Asia....
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SKY Fitness

Work Out Program - SKY Fitness

Sky Fitness has many special designed work out program suitable for anyone who wants an in-depth gym exercise. The company was set up in year 2007, and they offer a lot of different training and work ...
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True Fitness

Aerobic Class - True Fitness

Looking for aerobic class? True Fitness is one of the popular gym centres in Singapore. They have many outlets located around Singapore....
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Fitness First

Gym Singapore - Fitness First

Fitness First is one of the largest gym club and fitness group in the world, with more than 1.5 millions members all around the world. This gym Singapore club is popular for their excellent services a...
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California Fitness

Singapore Gym - California Fitness

Who say exercise and fitness must be hard work? California Fitness is a Singapore gym that is very different in their gym concepts....
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Amore Fitness

Total Gym Exercises - Amore Fitness

The true definition of Amore means "LOVE" in Latin. This company provides total gym exercises for people of all walk of life....
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